Univela – Campione del Garda

5 Reasons to Sail in Campione del Garda

Garda Optimist Academy has strategically chosen Univela in Campione del Garda as its headquarters for clinics due to several compelling reasons:

  1. World-Class Sailing Environment: Campione del Garda offers an exceptional sailing environment with its pristine waters and ideal wind conditions. The location is renowned for providing an optimal setting for sailing activities, ensuring that young sailors can train in conditions that closely simulate competitive environments.
  2. Expertise and Resources: Univela, being a well-established sailing center, likely provides access to experienced coaching staff and comprehensive resources necessary for the academy’s training programs. This includes top-notch sailing equipment, facilities, and support services.
  3. Inspiring Atmosphere: The picturesque surroundings of Campione del Garda can contribute to creating an inspiring and motivating atmosphere for young sailors. The scenic beauty of the area can enhance the overall experience, making the learning process enjoyable and memorable.
  4. Proximity to Garda Optimist Academy’s Vision: The choice of Univela aligns with the Garda Optimist Academy’s vision of offering the best coaching and training experience for Optimist sailors. Campione del Garda, known for its commitment to water sports, 1complements the academy’s goals and values.
  5. Logistical Considerations: Campione del Garda’s geographical location, accessibility, and infrastructure may also play a crucial role in the decision. Easy access to transportation and accommodation facilities makes it convenient for participants and their families, ensuring a smooth and well-organized experience during the clinics.

“Having sailed the world’s waters and experienced countless training spots, I can confidently say that Campione del Garda is a true gem for honing sailing skills. The wind dances gracefully on the lake, offering a challenging yet exhilarating arena for training. Univela’s facilities and coaching expertise create an environment where champions are made. To my fellow coaches, if you’re serious about cultivating the next generation of sailing stars, Campione del Garda is where you want to be – a training haven where dedication meets the beauty of the sport.”

Marcello Meringolo